Winner – Gundam Wing – NSFW


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I just found this little ficlet that I wrote in the year 2000.  It still makes me laugh, so I thought I would share.


Gundam Wing 6/15/00

Winner by Nova


What do Trowa and Dorothy have in common?  Besides both wanting Quatre. ^o^



Quatre watched Trowa pull himself out of the pool.  The droplets of water ran down his chest and limbs lovingly.  Quatre had never been so envious of water in his life.  Now, to get Trowa into the hot tub, so he could lick and kiss the moisture from his, soon to be, lover’s skin.

The phone rang jarring Quatre from his erotic thoughts.  Unwilling he drug his eyes from Trowa’s lean form and turned his attention to the persistent phone.

Trowa watched the blonde pilot move to answer the phone.  Quatre’s slender limbs traveled gracefully across the tiled floor.  His movements were much like the cats Trowa loved so much.  Quatre could have no idea how arousing his slightest movements were to Trowa.  Duo had noticed also, but he had taken care of that threat immediately.  The braided pilot knew a hands-off sign when he saw it and turned his attention elsewhere.

Quatre hung up the phone and turned back to Trowa, a small frown marring his forehead.

“What is it Quatre?”  Trowa asked softly.

“Oh, I just have an unexpected visitor.  I was hoping we would have the evening to ourselves.”

“So, tell him you are busy and will see him some other time.”

“I would if I could, but she isn’t likely to leave.  Dorothy is waiting in the living area and actually invited us up to join her.” Quatre said, giving a little laugh.

As they gathered up their things Trowa asked casually, “How did she get in without your permission?”

“She’s been here before and you know Dorothy.  She pretty much does whatever she wants.  Meet you in the Living area.”  Quatre headed to his room to change.


Trowa came down the stairs to see Dorothy leaning on the arm of Quatre’s chair.  They hadn’t notice his presence yet and continued with their conversation.  Dorothy appeared amused and determined.

“You know I am going to win Quatre.”

“Don’t be so confident.  You don’t know what you’re getting into with Trowa.”

“I’m not worried.” She said as she leaned in with, Trowa knew, the intention of kissing Quatre.

“Good evening Dorothy.”  Trowa said, drawing Catalonia’s attention to himself.

“Why, hello Trowa.  I must say it is nice to see you under better circumstances then the last time we met.”

“Yes, Quatre’s not bleeding to death this time.”  Trowa was pleased to see her flinch at his pointed reminder.


Dorothy went up to bed first, but instead of going to her own room, she went to Quatre’s.  Stripping down she climbed under the covers to wait.

Down stairs Quatre insisted on going upstairs on his own.  Flushed with too much alcohol and too many erotic thoughts, he stumbled down the hall toward the bedrooms.

Trowa quickly picked up the remnants of their impromptu party and followed Quatre upstairs. It was obvious Quatre wanted him, but he wouldn’t put it past Dorothy to try and seduce Quatre anyway.

He quietly opened Quatre’s door and slipped inside.  It was completely dark and a small smile slid across his face.  Quatre could be incredibly bold one moment and so shy the next. He left the lights off.

He made his way over to the bed and sat down on the edge.  He could just make out the outline of a body under the covers.  As he leaned over two hands reached up and cupped his face.  They pulled him down for a searing kiss.  He froze in shock for a moment before responding.

When he pulled back he was breathing hard, surprised at his own reaction to that passionate kiss.  One thought beat in his brain.  That was not Quatre.  Reaching over he flicked on the bedside lamp and stared in to sparkling blue eyes.

“What are you doing Dorothy?”

“Waiting for someone to come to bed.”

“Where is Quatre?”

“Not here.”

“You knew it was me all along didn’t you.”



The sheet slid down, baring one naked shoulder as she gave a little shrug. “Why not?”

“I thought you wanted Quatre?”

“I do. Quatre has proven he isn’t a coward. He would not be afraid to explore a little mutual desire.  Unlike you, experimenting with a female doesn’t scare him.”

“You think I am afraid of women?”

“The way they make you feel. Yes, but specifically me.  Quatre would have the guts to stay.  Do you?”

The sheet slipped off to pool at her waist as she reached over and flipped the lights off.


It felt like someone was taking a jackhammer to his brain.  Quatre let out a groan as he tried to pick himself up.  Pushing against the wall he had been leaning against, he wobbly gained his feet.  The room was pitch black and he felt along the wall till he found the light switch.  He closed his eyes against the sudden luminescence.  Squinting he gazed about him.  It was his closet.  How did I end up in my closet? Opening the door, he stumbled into his bedroom.  Coffee, I need coffee and some aspirin.   He glanced at the perfectly made bed.  I must have not even made to bed last night, but how did I get in the closet?  He was almost out the door when he realized he had seen something else.  Turning back, he walked over and took a little white note off one of the pillows.  It said simply Trowa.

Confused Quatre headed for Trowa’s room.

As Quatre entered he saw Trowa coming out of his private bath with a towel around his waist.  Quatre looked him over in appreciation, a slight blush staining his cheeks.  Giving a nervous laugh, he held the note out to Trowa.  “I found this in my room.”

Trowa took it and flipped it open.


Dear Trowa,

Last night did turn out as I expected.  I wanted to let you know I am no less determined and there will be a next time.

Till then


P.S. If he doesn’t find his own way, you may want to let Quatre out of his closet.


“What is it?” Quatre asked curiously.

“Just Dorothy, telling me to check your closet.” Trowa answered in his normal monotone.

“Oh, I guess she’s gone then.” Quatre continued speaking as Trowa turned to dig in a drawer. “So, what would you like to do to…” Quatre gasped as he looked a Trowa’s back.  “Oh, Trowa!  Where did you get all those scratches?!”


Ending 2


“Oh, I guess she’s gone then.” Quatre continued speaking as Trowa turned to dig in a drawer. “So, what would you like to do to…” Quatre gasped as he looked at the scratches running down Trowa’s back.  “Damn it! Trowa!!”

Trowa turned to look at a furious Quatre.

“You were supposed to sleep with me first!!!”  Quatre started stomping around the room hollering.  “How? How did she do it?  How could you sleep with her before you slept with me?  I know damn well I am cuter than her.  Oh God, what is she going to want for her prize?  I was so sure you were gay.  I told her if she won she could name her reward.  You don’t know what you have done!  She can be totally outrageous!”  Quatre marched out still muttering to himself.  “I am not running around in a leash again…”